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Comprehensive & Instant Arrest Records Online

Arrest Records

Arrest Records

When the police suspects someone of committing a crime, they make an arrest and create a report. A simple search for arrest records online can instantly fetch you someone's arrest history with arrest information such as arrest location, arresting agency, arrest date, arrest charges, arresting officer, vehicles involved, and booking details. Personal data is also available, including suspect's age, address, gender, mugshots, height, weight, scars, eye color, hair color, occupation, education, birth place, marital status & more.

Arrest Warrant Search

Arrest Warrant Search

An arrest warrant is a legal order issued by a Court of law that authorizes the police to locate and arrest someone or seize their individual property in relation to a crime. The fastest search for arrest warrants can be conducted online, allowing full access to all warrant data, such as criminal complaint, court summons and arrest due to outstanding criminal or civil warrants.

Booking Information

Booking Information

As soon as a suspect is arrested, records of the crime evidence are created by the law enforcement agency during a rigorous intake process called “booking”. Inmate booking information is the personal data available to the public about booked inmates (individuals who are currently in police custody). Inmate booking details usually include booking agency, booking location, bail information, bond information, the charges that were filed, fingerprints, and mugshots.

Criminal Records

Criminal Records

Criminal arrest records are people's history of criminal convictions and incarcerations. Each criminal history record discloses an individual's complete criminal involvement or activity such as misdemeanor and felony records.

Arrest Types

Arrest Types

Depending on the lawful basis behind every arrest, you can find here different arrest types - private arrests by a citizen, warranted arrests and non-warranted arrests, including subcategories like "caught in the act" (Flagrante delicto) or "hot pursuit".

Arrest Records Report

Common Questions About Arrest Records

How To Find Arrest Records?

In many states, you can request arrest records through a division of the Department of Public Safety (DPS) called the Computerized Criminal History (CCH). They hold a central repository for all arrest records in the state. You can also contact the local sheriff's office or courthouse.Infotracer’s tool has over 15 million arrest records with mugshots updated daily from county sources.

Can I Access Arrest Reports for Free?

Go directly to a state or county courthouse and ask for the records. If they’re not already available online, you’ll probably need to pay a processing fee. As for digital arrest records, use the county sheriff’s website OR Infotracer, which grants easier nationwide access.

How Do I Remove Arrest Data from The Internet?

Although arrests for driver’s license suspensions or sex-related crimes can never be cleared, you can seal your records (hide them from the public, but not have them destroyed) OR expunge them – permanently delete from anywhere. Once approved, submit removal requests to any website and attach the document of proof.

How To Get Arrest Records Expunged?

You can clean up your arrest history by filling an expungement form and submitting it to the court. But first, you’ll have to find out which expungement category applies to you (1st category for probation, 2nd for a fine and no probation, or 3rd for felony) and check if you meet the conditions.

How Do I Find DUI Records?

You can consult DUI arrest information at the sheriff’s office or at the city’s police department. After a while, some public records could be shifted to the county courthouse, therefore you can run a search on their site OR use Infotracer’s online lookup tool.

Are Arrest Records Public Information?

Arrest data is part of the public domain unless it’s part of ongoing investigations. If the suspect is found “not guilty” or if the case was dismissed, some states (for instance California, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, New Jersey, South Carolina) destroy the related arrest records and the public can no longer access them.

Instant Arrest Records Search
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