About InfoTracer.com

Are you sick and tired of losing your customers after the initial sale, while the vendor makes all the incremental income? We were once in your shoes and understand how hard it is to be an affiliate these days. With advertising costs through the roof and competition high, it is becoming much harder to generate a profit.

We're proud of the fact that InfoTracer Affiliate Program was created by affiliates for affiliates. With InfoTracer.com you become a majority partner by keeping 65% of all initial sales and re-bills until customers cancel. This allows you to maximize your ROI and invest more into advertising. With our product constantly improving you can count on high customer retention sales. We have many happy customers who stay with us for years. Simply make the initial push bringing in the 1st sale then sit back while the re-bills start pouring in every day!

Since its launch in October 2010 InfoTracer has steadily doubled in gravity weekly. Don't miss out!

Number of distinct affiliates who earned a commision by referring a paying customer to the publisher's products.


Products Offered

  • Background Checks
  • Criminal Records Checks
  • Arrest Records
  • Marriage and Divorce Records
  • Birth and Death Records
  • Genealogy Searches
  • Property Records
  • People Searches
  • Reverse Phone Lookups
  • Email Searches
  • Court Records
  • And more!